Preface 1 |

After experiencing the dreariness caused by the financial crisis in 2009, Shanghai is receiving 2010 the World Exposition year, and the sth Art Shanghai as well.

Since its first opening in 2003, Art Shanghai has adhered to the professional concept of "academic, international and superb". After seven years of hard working, it has become a major force in the Chinese art market and gained influence and recognition both at home and abroad.

Art Shanghai has attracted seven hundred art organizations and influential galleries from home and throughout of the world, many of which have brought works of famous art masters. Art Shanghai 2010 will strictly follow the proceeding direction of Chinese art development, promote art quality, raise operation norms, improve the professional brand, widen the international horizon and display the latest achievements of Chinese art. We will do our best to make sure that art and business may naturally combine with each other at the background of Great Cultural Development and Prosperity, and that Chinese and foreign artists, collectors, and operators can have interactive communications on the platform we provide.

Wish the 8th Art Shanghai a great success!

Director of ART Shanghai Organization Committee
Director of Shanghai Oil Painting and Sculpture Institute
Li Xiangyang
May, 2010

Preface 2 |

History is made by construction. Shanghai Expo 2010 will construct a huge blueprint for the city. The theme of "Better City, Better Life" expresses Shanghai's dream for over a century. It agrees with Shanghai's innovative, creative, progressive and conscious internationalization awareness, which explains why Shanghai is a pioneer in a variety of fields and how its particular urban character came into being.

The firm foundation of early awareness guarantees the rise of spirit. Shanghai International Spring Art Salon Co., Ltd. started its engagement in the culture and art field in 2002, and so far it has held eight Art Shanghai exhibitions. As we said, we would set up a cultural brand in Shanghai within eight years. Today we have reached that goal. In the next eight years, it is crucial for our salon team to figure out how to look into the future and truly become a pioneer in awareness. Culture and art requires innovation and creation.

The history of Art Shanghai has been constructed, and bearing history means responsibility. We hold high expectations for Shanghai's future, and hope that in the next eight years Art Shanghai will become a pioneer in the urban culture awareness and make significant contributions to the construction of Shanghai culture.

Chairman of the Board
Shanghai International Spring Art Salon Co., Ltd.
Zhang Jiping
May, 2010

Preface 3 |

The greatest surprise the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition gives us is a variety of national pavilions representing countries from all over the globe. Lying on both sides of the Huangpu River, they look just like an unfolded surreal and modern edition of the classic Chinese painting, "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival", each manifesting the power of creation in a different way. Perhaps from now on the history of Shanghai will be rewritten, for the World Expo is bringing immense possibilities for Shanghai's future and turning its High Inclusiveness from a simple form to the awareness and character of the city.

The 8th Art Shanghai will be held during the World Expo period in order to take advantage of such a great event to encourage recollection, pursuit, innovation and creation and breed the salon's distinctive particularity and character. In 2009, we launched "Chinese Design", a thematic show of new works of young Chinese designers specializing in various fields, which was meant to demonstrate the general art trend in the 21st century, i.e. the interpenetration of art and design. This thematic show broke the border between design and art, and promoted the viewers' vision and imagination with its inclusiveness and extensiveness. In the salon of this year, we have invited Picasso Museum to display in the form of an individual unit a group of photos of the clay sculptures taken with hi-tech methods by Xavier Lucchesi, the photography artist who became famous for using x-ray technology. These photos show a batch of works created between 1930 and 1950 by Picasso who refused to use casting copper technology to make his sculptures. In 2006, the said restoration photographer was given a special permission to examine the sculptures by x-ray and thus made an astonishing discovery which shows there are sculptures hidden inside these sculptures. He helped us to find out the shocking hidden sculpture philosophy of Picasso, who infused into the core of his works the power of ancient magic in a highly symbolic way. The resurrection of Picasso's works provides an opportunity for us to re-explore the secrets of Picasso's art.

I arrived in Milan with my colleagues by air today. I am an admirer of the annual Milan Furniture Fair. The fair is an aesthetic gallery with full time differences and juxtaposed spaces. It inherits the Italian historical legacy and memories and becomes the symbol of Italian creation. It is a Dream Works created by Italy.

From Shanghai World Expo to the salon's show of x-ray pictures of Picasso's works and Milan Furniture Fair, it seems as if they are not related at all, but the inner logic is the conscious positioning and awakening of culture, which will be the source of charisma and influence. I hope that after the World Expo Shanghai will have a blueprint for its cultural renaissance to rebuild the cultural bloodlines by the urban tissues formed in the exposition.

Each great city of the world has a great soul embraced by culture. Shanghai should not be only the finance and transportation center, but also the cultural center of China. It used to be so, and will certainly be so in the future.

Shanghai will be truly followed by people and trigger senses of belonging and identification in them only after it becomes a cultural city.

March forward, Shanghai!

General Manager
Shanghai Spring Art Salon Co., Ltd.
Ge Qiantao
May, 2010