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  田晓1948年生于上海,1965~1970上海轻工业专科学校美术专业 ,后历经中国轻工业部重庆轻工设计室、杭州轻机设计院。任全国行业杂志常务副社长、副编审,用摄影镜头寻找新感觉,索尼微单10周年摄影大赛百幅中入围4幅。

Tian was born in 1948 in Shanghai, he graduated from the Fine Art Department of Shanghai Institute of Technology(1965-1970). Then, he worked in Chongqing Light Industry Studio of China Light Industry Department and Hangzhou Design Institute of Light Machine. He is the Executive Vice-President and the Vice-Editor of a national industry magazine. He uses a camera lens to find new feelings, and four of his works were selected into Sony Mirrorless 10th Anniversary Competition.

  田晓的作品 Tian Xiaochr(39)s Works

《霞光万道》 Ten Thousands Sun Rays


The sky above the table tennis hall of Hangzhou Asian Games Park is full of sunshine in the early morning. The 19th Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou in 2022. This is the only newly-built venue.


Impression: Impressive! Straight sunlight and rolling clouds criss-cross, making the picture full of visual impact.

《亚运工地晨曦》Morning of Asian Games Park Construction Site

  清早杭州亚运乒乓球馆工地上空,鸟儿展翅晨曦霞光 祥云迷人,建设工人已在馆顶辛勤劳作了。

Early in the morning, over the construction site of the Hangzhou Asian Games Table Tennis Hall, the birds spread their wings and the morning sun glows. The clouds are charming, and the construction workers are already working hard on the roof of the hall.


Impression: The tower crane sections the image in balance, the blending spot of the dark color on the left and the light color on the right overlap with the tower cleverly. The sky in the background is like blue dye, surrounding the spreading yellow, yet a stream of orange breaks out of the encirclement like a rocket.

《西湖美-淡妆浓抺总相宜》The Beauty of Xihu-Gorgeous Anyhow


Photographing Xihu in Hangzhou in spring, looking at the Baochu Pagoda of Xihu through the willow leaves hanging down, "If liken Xihu to Xishi, any makeup will be suitable."


Impression: The hazy mountain and water contrast with the swinging willow leaves, the reflection on the water surface and the red boat serve as embellishments, the post in the front enriches the foreground.

《残阳如血》 Bloodlike Sunset


Although it is in the winter, the sun still shines red onto Xihuchr(39)s water. Far in distance, the setting sun is like blood.


Impression: The pictures are layered on top of each other, from clear to fuzzy, with a sense of layering; and the reflection of the sun in the lake is a good embellishment in the dark parts.

《油菜花前倩影闪》 A Beautiful Shadow Before Rape Flowers


On the way to the rape blossom scenic spot, a young woman took a balloon and flashed by. Sony MILC with telephoto lens shoots continuously to capture the glimpse.


Impression: The womanchr(39)s curved arm matches with the internal structure of the wooden fence, and her balloon is very eye-catching.

《坝上摄影人》 Photographer in Bashang


While I was shooting the sunrise in the back mountain of Ulan Butong grassland, the scenery is more beautiful when looking back at the sprinkled land by sunlight.


Impression: Under such as beautiful place, everyone would take out their camera and leave a souvenir. The photographer in the image represents the public nicely.

《西溪小猫》Xixi Kitten


In the early morning, I went to Xixi Wetland Museum and saw a cute kitten staring at me in the grass on the side of the road, so I immediately captured the Xixi kitten.


Impression: The slightly messy branches around the image surround the kitten like a bondage, and the white cat standing against a black background with wide eyes makes people feel pity.

《起飞》Take Off


Purchased Sony’s 200-600 telephoto lens, went to Maojiabu Wetland Pond for trial shooting, selected the best Egret flying posture, and was selected in the 100 Sony Mirrorless 10th Anniversary Competition in 2020.


Impression: The display of the details of egret feathers is particularly good. The water brings up by the takeoff and plants set off the egret, forming a rich visual perception.

《呼唤鸣沙山》 Calling Mingsha Mountain

  甘肃-月牙泉 鸣沙山,见一红衣女面向夕阳舒展双手,形成呼唤鸣沙山好构图即抓拍。

Mingsha Mountain, Crescent Spring, Gansu. Seeing a woman in red stretch her hands facing the setting sun that forms a good composition so I took a picture.


Impression: The backlight of the picture and the posture of the woman with open arms fully express her love for nature and sunshine. The red dress is in contrast with the grayish background, and it also reflects that human beings are unique to nature.

《邻家小妹》Neighbor Girl


Photographed in Scenic Site in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Sony Club has shooting activity, I captured the modelchr(39)s posture and her emotion.


Impression: The modelchr(39)s right hand was gently resting on the door knocker, her left hand pulled back in front of her chest, and her head slightly lowered, as if watching something carefully, as if thinking seriously.

《行走鸣沙山》Hiking the Mingsha Mountain


Mingshan Mountain, Gansu. In the early morning, under the backlight of the sun, there were a woman and a man walking up the sandy hill with weights.


Impression: The uneven sand surface in the foreground is in sharp contrast with the smooth sand dunes in the background, and the dazzling morning light covers a part of the edge in the distance as if it has been eaten, blending with the sky.

《鸣沙山驼队》 Caravan at Mingsha Mountain


Photographed in Mingsha Mountain, Gansu. The big stone engraved with the three fonts of Mingsha Mountain is the main scene of the touristschr(39) photo, and a group of camels happened to pass by for the capture.


Impression: The curve of the humps is very dense, in contrast to the amplitude of the sand dunes behind. The movement of the camelschr(39) legs are captured very well, giving a sense of movement on the still ground.

《金秋坝上》Autumn in Bashang


Photographed in the hilly land of the Ulan Butong grassland in Bashang. The typical autumn colors of the golden jungle on Bashang, the blue girl just complement the colors.


Impression: Mainly with warm colors, embellished with cool blues, breaking the monotony of colors.

《日出金鸡峰丛》 Sun Rises at Jinji Peak Cluster

  云南 罗平金鸡峰丛,中国四大峰丛之一,气象万千云雾飘绕,日出时机氛围美不可言。

Jinji Peak Cluster, Luoping, Yunan. One of Chinachr(39)s four grand peak clusters, the weather is full of clouds and fog, and the atmosphere at sunrise is unspeakably beautiful.


Impression: The sun shines on the clouds and reflects different colors to surround the huge peaks, just like an immortal world. A closer look at the tourists in the lower left corner seems to be as immersed in the beauty of nature as the audience before the work. The two mountains in the middle are connected to form a line. Not only that, the two mountains and the tree on the right make a flat photo look very three-dimensional.

《天地之间摄影人》Photographers Between the Sky and Ground


Ulan Butong, Bashang, Inner Mongolia. The big clouds on the hills and the small photographers in the gap between the sky and the earth, forming a unique contrast of natural scenery


Impression: The glow from the dark clouds above is like fire radiating from the turbid universe. Under the thick clouds, small people seem to be about to be covered, showing a strong sense of depression. The blue sky exposed under the clouds is the place where hope lies, representing a bright future.

《佛语人生》Buddhist Life


On both sides of the background of the Buddha statue in the Outer Exhibition Hall of Zhejiang Art Museum, the old man and the girl are sitting side by side. The difference between the two generations and the different postures make people ponder deeply.


Impression: In the background, the Buddha statue on the right is warm, the Buddha statue on the left is cold, the woman on the right on the bench is close to the dark, and the old man on the left is close to the light. The background echoes with real people, which is an interesting composition. The two Buddha statues face each other, while the old man and the girl bow their heads without interfering with each other, which arouses reflections on human nature and communication in society.

《老人与狗》 Old Man and Dog


The Red Land in Dongchuan, Yunnan, is the traditional shooting location for the photography team, but capturing the old man’s facial expressions and sunlight tones are the main points of this photo.


Impression: The old man laughed, the dog bowed his head shyly, the timing of the photo was just right.

《西湖少女情》 Girls In Xihu


Photographed in Xihu, Hangzhou. In the early autumn, the sun rises to bathe the lake, and a pair of young girls wearing Han clothes hold hands by Xihu.


Impression: The reflection of the sun forms a human figure, standing above where the four hands touch as if the girls are holding a god.