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   林天禄个展“阿尔卑斯幽灵”已于2022年5月8日在ArtDepot Center艺术仓库当代艺术中心(重庆)正式开幕!本次展览将持续至8月8日,欢迎各位前来参观!

   Lin Tianlu’s solo exhibition "Alpine Ghost" has officially opened on May 8, 2022 at ArtDepot Center Contemporary Art Center (Chongqing)!  This exhibition will last until August 8th, and you are welcome to come and visit!


阿 尔 卑 斯 幽 灵

Alpine Ghost

   展览开幕 | Opening2022.05.08  16:00 展览时间 | Duration2022.05.08 — 2022.08.08 策展人 | Curator赵倩颖 Serena Zhao

   展览地点| VenueArtDepot Center (重庆) 艺术仓库当代艺术中心


前言 | Preface

阿 尔 卑 斯 幽 灵Alpine Ghost












— 赵倩颖

   History is a set of discourses of power, and art history is certainly no exception. How you define whether Andy Warhol’s work is art or not depends on which set of words you choose for interpretation. In recent years, a number of major galleries have been showing works of artists neglected by art history, taking works that have been excluded from the logic of interpretation and bringing them back into the system, which seems to be busting the myth of art, but at the same time consolidating it.


   It’s somewhat surprising to see a man in his 40s paint plush cartoon figures in macaroon. And you might be even more surprised when you see paintings of his youth when he became famous, because that was a world of black and grey, calm and restrained, with a coherent and distinctive artistic language. A philosophical theorist once interpreted Lin Tianlu’s work as “a deep rationality from within things that illuminates our gaze with a clear and hard expression at the moment when the nature of things is fully exposed.” However, Lin Tianlu did not follow the path given by the art market and continued to develop steadily. At a moment of life change, he decided to follow his heart and completely changed his painting style, being fully aware that this could cost him all the recognition he has earned.


   It was in 2013 that he had his child, which marked a huge change of Lin Tianlu’s work. As he returned to family life, his feelings about life changed, and color and narrative entered his images. Despite knowing where the trends of the market, he has moved towards a childlike style of painting. From colorful “New Year paintings”, to landscapes with cute little animals, and now to furry ones, while the images are becoming more and more empathetic, it seems that they can no longer return to the camp of serious art. However, the above is just one way of telling stories, and imaginative viewers can read another story through it entirely.

   You would be attracted to these villus creatures when you look at Lin Tianlu’s work for the very first time. They look such heavy, but soft yet buoyant. They look so huge, even the frames seem too tiny for them, which make these furry friends look more like lush mountains, rather than stuffed toys.In Lin’s portraying, ‘The Alps Ghost, Faraway’ looks like a mountain during spring time, as the ghost’s cape are blooming and fluttering. Another work, ‘Future’, it looks like the mountain in late autumn, while golden leaves and sunset glow come together as one. Or in ‘Lovers’, the couple looks like the mountains of pre-autumn, covered by maples, while the romance flowing in the air. Following Lin’s mind, when we get rid of the gaudy paronomasia that people made about his work, there would be an amazing spiritual view unfolded in front of us.


   When we looking at Lin’s work in detail, we shall see and feel how plants gently covered the alp, and how their stone-like eyes tell the stories of their adventure like crystals exude their energy. So, who says these are not serious works?Natural landscape have been a significant part of Lin’s career and works, which came from juvenile experience in his hometown, Sichuan. In his early works, the image of landscape was more used to portray obscure rumination, whereas now, it is portrayed as Alps Ghost, conveying his sense of tolerance and conciliation.

   Lin Tianlu once said, “There are only differences in artistic aesthetics, not highs or lows.” And so he does. Stripping away the artistic power he once acquired, he honestly faced his inner heart. Childlike images and kitschy colors were no longer taboos in his artistic creation. He has empowered himself to practice art in a different way, which has also empowered the general audience who has not been professionally trained to experience art. In Lin Tianlu’s world, the Alps are distant landscapes, a favorite lollipop for children, as well as a sweet memory for adults.

— Serena Zhao